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3. The Neighborhood Plazas Program website puts the data of its users and visitors at the top of its priority. The privacy and confidentiality of the information described below is part of the terms and conditions of use of the Neighborhood Plazas Program website.

– The officials of The Neighborhood Plazas Program and The Sports for All Federation collect the data of the website users and visitors.

– The data that will be collected is from the registration form including email, ID number, and contact numbers. In addition to the inquiries and feedback that you send in the contact us form.

– We collect data in order to register you in the program electronically to facilitate the completion of the registration procedures later at the plaza’s location. As well as to communicate with you to answer your inquiries and questions, and it may be used for evaluation and feedback purposes.

4. The Neighborhood Plazas Program website is keen to achieve the highest possible levels of security and follow the best security practices to preserve user data and provide privacy and confidentiality for their transactions, in order to comply with the applicable privacy policy.

5. The website will not ask you for any bank information to complete the payment procedures, as the payment is made by visiting the plaza’s location.